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Enterteinment Services 

DotSix Entertainment 


We take pride in providing exceptional live performances for a wide range of events.


We have a roster of talented DJs, musicians, comedians, and other performers who have been trained by Dotsix, ensuring top-notch quality and professionalism.


We specialize in creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact on your audience.


Venue Production 

DotSix Complete

As audio professionals, we specialize in transforming your venue into a hassle-free plug-and-play space and can couple that with ongoing talent management.  


By providing complete solutions, we allow venue owners to concentrate on their expertise: organizing events and delivering exceptional service to their customers.



Video Creation  

DotSix Videos  


As masters at crafting and executing a story, we specialize in capturing and preserving your special interview, performance, or event.


Our team is skilled in creating compelling narratives that engage and captivate audiences. Whether you need a professionally recorded interview, a live performance documented, or an event captured for posterity, we have the expertise to bring your story to life.  


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